Left Behind (Dewi Lewis Publishing, UK)

2010 was a year of record deaths for illegal migrants entering the U.S. via Arizona’s Sonoran Desert—230 in all.

It’s impossible to know how many migrants survive the days-long journey, led by high-priced guides, with temperatures soaring up to 130 degrees in the summer months. But every year since 2001 no less than 150 mummified and decomposed bodies have been discovered in remote areas of the desert, eventually taken to the Pima County Forensic Science Center which faces the herculean task of analyzing and storing their remains, archiving their possessions—and hopefully—determining their identities.

9 x 12, Hardcover
112 Pages, 75 4-Color Plates
ISBN 978-1-907893-25-4
Foreword by Gregory L. Hess, MD

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