What We Think Now

"The photographs that make up WHAT WE THINK NOW resonate with the romance of a road-trip where each stop yields insight into another soul. Acting as confidant to a host of confessors, Hollingsworth has, through the ease of revelation that often transpires between strangers, succeeded in capturing a number of genuinely candid responses concerning a highly divisive and emotive subject. Photographed with minimal set-up or intrusion-usually where he met them on the street-each of Hollingsworth's subjects was encouraged to create a placard that declared what they felt without fear of judgment, its penmanship uncommented, its grammar uncorrected. Unfiltered pathos gives it extraordinary power."-Ciara Ennis, California Museum of Photography

8 x 10, Softcover
64 Pages, 40 4-Color Plates
ISBN 978-1-424309-08-5
Introduction by Ciara Ennis